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Your action and hence our offer part of global interdependence and the complexity of the new global economic balance. Supporting businesses and public organizations MAS DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING is your partner of choice for your support and realize your development.

Our value added

Around four founding members team in constant resonance with the pace of the economic Planet and its financial markets. Combining expertise and experience, they share the same business ethics characterized by Innovation, Efficiency and Integrity. In a compliance culture, research collaborations with high added value and international alliances in the long term to ensure the sustainability of development efforts of your organization.

Alliances and international cooperation’s

Responding to the complexity of globalization through a concrete and lasting reconciliation of businesses and organizations through partnerships identification depth value: respect for cultures and people, the reality of development strategies, research concrete results.

Development activities

In tune with the dynamics of economic and financial markets, MAS DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING helps companies, organizations and communities: in defining and implementing their economic development strategies and business, particularly in China and Romania in drafting and implementing their action plans, monitoring operational contacts and relations post mission.

Consulting and Engineering Project

Supporting companies and organizations in the design and manage their adaptation projects, contribute to improving their performance.

Partners and useful links

Professional partners France, China, Romania - Professional Organizations (Union Maritime and Port: - Union of Freight Forwarders and Customs Commissioners: - Institutional Normandy (Grand Port Maritime du Havre (GPMH) : - Port of Rouen: - Institutional France (French agency for international investments: - UBIFRANCE, Agence Française for the Development of International Companies:


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